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Ten Years

Scoobert Doobert strikes again with some low-key indie pop

Nearly three years ago we were introduced to the breezy flavor of indie that Californian multi-instrumentalist and burrito connoisseur, Scoobert Doobert, has to offer. His single, “Let’s Move to the Top of a Mountain,” talked about getting away from urban life to live in the desert.

But Doobert’s rise began while he was touring with The Doobie Brothers as a guitarist and vocalist, and opening for Gregg Allman playing with Lara Johnston. Since then, Mr. Doobert has dropped the LPs Big Hug, and KŌAN (indcluding a lovely cover of “September” by Earth Wind and Fire). His most recent album, Moonlight Beach, honors his home beach in San Diego.

At the beginning of this year, Señor Scooboert has released 5 new singles including “watercolor sky” attached below.

Scoobert Doobert – watercolor sky

Cover photo by Myles Pettengill