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Ten Years

Greshem Cash uses some soulful jazz to score new feature-length documentary — The Green Flash

Gresham Cash is a writer, musician, composer, and filmmaker originally from Georgia. Cash is currently based in Barcelona, where he finds most of his musical and artistic collaborators. His 2023 release, “Save the Bees,” set the rhythm for an annual triptych of music and imagery. But this year, he will release his first feature-length documentary — The Green Flash.

The process of creating the documentary has been a long one. For the past seven years, Cash has worked as producer, sound editor, and composer for the score. For the film, he worked alongside long-time collaborator and co-director, Ethan Payne as well as his wife and co-director Jodi Cash.

The album begins with a very Georgia focused time capsule: a profile of Georgia-based folk artist called Chris Hubbard. From there, Cash shifts the album to a 2022 composition for the Oxford American produced story about Helen — a Tennessee BBQ pitmaster. Throughout the album, Cash taps on musical collaborators to help shape the compositions.  Denise Cianfaga lends her trumpet to the “Helen” track, while Mexican blues guitarists features on “Barbacoa de Cordero.”

Check out a couple of the tracks from the score below, and look out for The Green Flash to be released later this year.

Gresham Cash x Daniel Castro – Barbacoa de Cordero

Gresham Cash x Denise Cianfaga (trumpet) – Helen