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Ten Years

Ksenia’s debut single sounds like a deep house tune that goes out to a house party

Was just passed this new track by Israeli DJ and producer, Ksenia Dukalis, and I feel like she might be one to watch. This is her debut single called “One” and it’s as if a deep house tune went to a house party. There is a slowed-down deep house beat with a bouncy feel-good vibe layered in.

The vocal sample of the track is a rare Judy Garland cut that explores the idea of public scrutiny and resilience. “I feel deeply inspired by Judy Garland,” Ksenia explains when talking about including the Judy Garland sample in the track. “I sympatize with her struggles. There were times in my life when people tried to bring me down and kept on saying nasty stuff just for the fun of it. So when I discovered her monologue it resonated deeply with me that is why it is added to the song.”

Check out “One” below and look out for more to come from Ksenia Dukalis