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Jazz Underground: Bubble Wrap Trap

The aim of this column is to try and change the perception of jazz’s rotten public image — an often over-intellectualized, eat-your-vegetables idea of improvisational music. Each month, a new resident artist will take over the playlist and help shape what jazz means now.

This month the jazz-rock band, Bubble Wrap Trap, takes over the Jazz Underground residency from their home in Tel Aviv. They’ve added ten new tracks to the mix ranging from traditional cuts like the new single from the Brad Mehldau Trio to more abstract improvisational rock from bands like Deerhoof.

Indeed, Bubble Wrap Trap has recently been pushing the boundaries of what improvisational music can be with their blurring of the lines between rock and jazz. In their latest album, “Here We Bab Again,” the band takes inspiration from classic acid and alternative jazz, while acknowledging modern jazz and funk. We’ve included the lead single from the album here (called “flamboyant cousin”) but the have a listen to the full 13 track album on Apple Music or Spotify.

In the meantime, check out Bubble Wrap Trap’s additions to the Jazz Underground playlist below by listening in order, or shuffle it up and see how the complexion of the Jazz Underground changes from month to month. Either way, please please please give the playlist a follow to help support the band.

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