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Àbáse – Skeme Goes All City

Budapest-born producer and keyboardist Szabolcs Bognar kicks off a new collaborative jazz project called Àbáse with the debut single entitled “Skeme Goes All City.”

Built on a bed of soothing, cinematic harmonies into which the different components flow, “Skeme Goes All City” plays on a repetitive melodic structure, while managing to continually evolve as the track progresses. It’s a dedication to the New York graffiti pioneer Skeme and the power of self expression in Hip Hop culture.

“We wrote and recorded the track in one improvised studio session in the oldschool way,” says Bognar when describing the track. “All the musicians in the same room, no headphones, no chance for correcting mistakes or editing. Raw.”

Àbáse – Skeme Goes All City

“Fanni Zahár – flute, vocals
Szabolcs Bognár – Rhodes
Tamás Heilig – bass
Tamás Czirják – drums