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Ten Years

British producer, Steve Gibbs creates a dancefloor-ready remix of Storms Await Us All

A year after the release of Fluctuate’s debut album Storms Await Us All, Subtempo records have announced a new 3-track remix album. Storms Await Us All (Remixed) invites three producers to reinterpret the title track on the album. Matt Robertson, Alex Steward, and Steve Gibbs each give it their twist.

Our favorite cut is the Steve Gibbs remix. Gibbs draws on classical, ambient, and electronic influences. He produces piano-driven compositions, often accompanied by string arrangements, ambient textures and subtle electronics and that’s what he brings to this “Storms Await Us All” remix. There is a cinematic feel, but the track is dancefloor-ready.

Stream the Steve Gibbs remix below, and listen to all three remixes on Storms Await Us All (Remixed) on Spotify.

Fluctuate – Storms Await Us All (Steve Gibbs remix)

Cover photo by Alex Kozobolis