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Ten Years

Modeselektor’s label, Monkeytown Records celebrates 10 years

Monkeytown records was launched in 2009 by the German duo, Modeselektor. The label came together originally as a way for Modeselektor to release its own albums as well as some music made by their friends. Over the past ten years it has attracted some renown producers and artists which has made the label a sort of cornerstone for the electronic music scene.

To celebrate their 10th year in the business, Monkeytown has released a compilation featuring 12 new tracks from some of the artists who have helped shape the label to this point (and will hopefully continue to do so). The record is called 10 Years of Monkeytown and it includes 2x 12″ records in a fully printed 3m spine sleeve. Artists who have been on the label since the beginning like Siriusmo and Modeselektor appear on the release but it also features Shed, Redshape, Dark Sky and some newer members to the Monkeytown family like Catnapp and FJAAK.

They’ve also released a 3-track all-black vinyl EP version which selects three tracks from the LP-set but the record has been re-cut especially for DJs with more space and just a touch louder.

Below are a selection of my favorite cuts from the release including Modeselektor’s contribution, “My Friend The 201.” The track is in honor of the Roland Space Echo (the device which lent them their name). There’s also collaboration between the two self-proclaimed weirdo’s on the label: Otto von Schirach and Catnapp which is totally unexpected and badass sounding. But perhaps my favorite single on the album is “TLA” from the London-based producer, Dark Sky. The track has an African-inspired off-beat that makes it easy to get a groove on.

Buy the 10 Years of Monkeytown on Bandcamp or

Dark Sky – TLA

Modeselektor – My Friend The 201

Catnapp & Otto von Schirach – Rattle Snake


  1. Alex Banks “Ignition Sequence”
  2. Dark Sky “TLA”
  3. Robot Koch & Radarbird “Squares”
  4. Redshape “Dirt Box”
  5. Shed “Rigger”
  6. FJAAK “Duz It”
  7. Modeselektor “My Friend the 201”
  8. Mouse on Mars “Krautzig feat. Drumno”
  9. Gajek “Large-Scale/Small-Scale”
  10. Siriusmo “Extra”
  11. Catnapp & Otto von Schirach “Rattle Snake”
  12. Anstam “ztlghtz”