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Ten Years

Rone enlists four animation film directors to create an exquisite corpse video for his video “Origami”

Last week I came across a new single from French producer
Erwan Castex (aka Rone) and I quickly got lost in the in the multitude of projects he’s been a part of. From collaborating on film soundtracks to playing at the Philharmonie de Paris, Castex has a penchant for discovering new ways that he can apply his talent.

The single I came across last week was called “Motion” and it was yet another example of the way Rone has redefined what it means to be an electronic music producer. After completing a 12 minute composition for the track, Rone worked with orchestral arranger Romain Allender to record the piece with the Les Siècles orchestra, accompanied by pianist Vanessa Wagner, and conducted by François-Xavier Roth. The collaboration was put together in order to raise money for the non-profit organisation “Orchestres à l’école” which aims to support the development and advancement of orchestras in schools. You can buy a copy of “Motion” to show your support. An orchestral arrangement in support of an electronic track, while the electronic music supports orchestras.

Rone – Motion

As I dived deeper into Rone’s archive I came across the video for “Origami.” To create the video, Rone enlisted four separate animators and asked them to work in isolation for each part. They were only allowed to see the end of the previous animation. The effect is a sort of ‘exquisite corpse’ style video. A collage of four different animation styles come together to tell one narrative.

Rone – Origami

Look out for Rone’s new album, Motion later this year, and head over to his website to see when he will be playing live near you.