The New LoFi

Ten Years

Float through a valley of roses with Boyan

Hailing from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, Boyan Angelov has 10 years experience crafting soulful and touching beats and a “Valley of Roses” is a new chapter in his story that shows a more electronic side.

Taken from his forthcoming Unfold EP, the single leads you into a dreamy state and oozes a Bonobo influence that can entice any listener with its deep synth tones and melodic breakdowns. Speaking on the forthcoming EP release, Boyan dives into the creation and had this to say:
“Whilst making Unfold I was reaching for that same feeling, experimenting with sounds, letting myself go with the flow and not question any of the decisions I am making. It is a deeper look into my passion in more of an electronic / soundscape musical picture.”

The single is out now via Steroefox, who provide a perfect balance of LoFi, Electronic and Soulful releases that give us with a weekly fix of incredible music and give artists the opportunity to be free from their musical boundaries.