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Design of Private Agenda’s new white vinyl perfectly compliments its sound

Private Agenda is the eccentric ambient pop project from Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe. Based between London and Berlin, the duo explore how classic pop songwriting can be made more interesting and rich with a more ambient electronic touch.

For their second full-length album — entitled A Mannequin — Private Agenda have imagined twelve character traits in musical form. What are the dichotomies that define us? Our seen and unseen selves, the façade and the fundamental, the real and the imaginary.

A Mannequin is presented on a beautiful white vinyl by a design agency based between Norway and the US called Non-Format. And I can’t help to think how wonderful the white album and the thoughtfully designed custom typography perfectly compliments the music within the album. It’s a great example of audio and visual complementing each other seamlessly.

“Irresistible” is the opening track on, A Mannequin. If the album contrasts the real and the imaginary, then “Irresistible” is a first glimpse into that duel world, and a decadent dream pop opener.

To listen to all 12 tracks on the album, and see how you can buy, head over to the Private Agenda Bandcamp.

Private Agenda – Irresistable

Album artwork designed by Non-Format