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Ten Years

The latest single from Irish producer, Neil Dexter, combines 80s-infused synths with art-pop motifs

Dublin-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neil Dexter explores his more experimental side on his latest single, “Alpha.”

Drawing from a vast array of influences, spanning several decades and genres, from Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno and Arthur Russell to contemporary artists such as Perfume Genius, Destroyer and Westerman, Dexter has created a sound completely unique to him. Amidst a soundscape anchored by experimental and art-pop motifs, Dexter’s songwriting is predominantly founded on universal themes stemming from self-reflection and personal growth.

“Alpha” is Dexter’s third single. It’s more of a somber offering compared to his previous two singles. The arrangement is simultaneously claustrophobic and weightless in its tone. Driven by a smokey 80s-infused synth line, the arrangement has an enveloping nocturnal atmosphere sprinkled with luminous keys and lingering chimes in the outro. Countering the ethereal instrumentation is Dexter’s commanding raspier cadence which steers the composition, exemplifying his extraordinary vocal range. One that is a continually captivating presence across his multifaceted material.

Neil Dexter – Alpha