The New LoFi

Ten Years

Your LoFix #1. dreamy lofi & tropical chillhop…

Welcome to The LoFix, a new fortnightly column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill, something we all need regularly and if you’re feeling the tracks do share them with your friends.

In this first edition of the series you might see some names you recognise, the legendary Wun Two & Oatmello & Poldoore who’ve inspired the scene and newcomers chill.exe & Jazzy James who recently caught my ears, definitely two to look out for!

Chillhop Music & Poldoore, what a combination and thrill to see them team up once more. The smooth intro and subtle build up into the jazziest of vibes, that all I can wish is that we get to see this beauty live with a full band one day as my laptop speakers don’t do this justice!

Atmospheric and Dreamy. Oatmello has been providing the chillest of beats since 2017, Moment of Clarity is taken from his “Levitate” album and its gentle flow will ease you away from the days stresses.

Time to get a bit tropical with chill.exe who recently popped up on my release radar with this gem. Slick latino style guitar and vibrant backing makes it a perfect little number for the summertime sunshine. 

First off, shout out to the pioneer Wun Two who’s been releasing tracks for almost 10 years and has gained over 65million streams with “Again.” All about the beach life with its rustic repetitive guitar and distant vocal samples that get you head nodding and longing to hear the ocean waves.

Ending my picks with the smoothest of guitar intro’s from Jazzy James & riviwi with Nepumuk, a laid back groove that brings through a few surprises later on with it’s jazzy piano. You can check out the full collaboration EP on Spotify too.

Got a new LoFi or ChillHop release you want to share or listen? Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram, always down to hear some new beats!