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Composer Carly Paradis releases an inspired lockdown video for her new single

London-based composer Carly Paradis has given us another example of how the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown have opened up a new path towards creative expression. Right before COVID-19 set ashore in Europe, Paradis released her third album Nothing Is Something. Some might considered that bad timing, but Paradis has seen this as an opportunity to create something new.

While in lockdown, Paradis decided to enlisted the directorial help of the Lynch Brothers and a small army of talented and generous people to help her create a brand new video for her new single “I Can’t Wait To Get Things Started.” The track features vocals from Polarbear and dozens of artists in isolation to create some wonderful visual effects. Paradis admits that she was “inspired by these strange times we find ourselves where human connection is at the mercy of modern technology.”

While the album was written and recorded last year I feel as if the songs (and the lyrics for “I Can’t Wait To Get Things Started” in particular) are very relevant for today. Check out the full video here:

Have a listen to “I Can’t Wait To Get Things Started” below and buy full version of Nothing Is Something on Carly Paradis’ Bandcamp page.