The New LoFi

Ten Years

David Duffy curates a floating world of improvisational music

The aim of this column is to try and change the perception of jazz’s rotten public image. Each month, a new resident artist will take over the playlist and help shape what jazz means now.

This month David Duffy takes over the mix from Barcelona, Spain with ten new tracks for the Jazz Underground. Duffy’s diverse background ranges from his roots in Jazz to more modern compositions. Add to that his crossover electro-acoustic work with duo Eat My Noise and his experience as a media composer and sound designer, and you get quite and interesting fusion.

From the Ancient Infinity Orchestra and Matthew Halsall to Sven Wunder and Bendik Giske, Duffy pours his diverse musical background into this month’s residency with 10 new selected tracks.  

Have a listen to Duffy’s additions to the playlist below by listening in order. Or shuffle the mix up and see how the complexion of the Jazz Underground changes from month to month.

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