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Adventures on the Floating Island — Ted Feighan releases his new album as a mango colored pinwheel vinyl

Ted Feighan is the multi-talented artist behind LA-based outfit, Monster Rally. For his latest full length album, Adventures on the Floating Island Feighan has created an orange pinwheel vinyl which creates a nice piece of album artwork.

Feighan is concerned with more than just the audio experience of the album. A visual artist as well, he employed his love for collage and print work in the creation of Adventures on the Floating Island. The visuals, and the playful orange vinyl help to compliment the jazz influenced hip hop beats you are introduced to on the LP.

The new full length album “scores a journey through a lush, exotic, dangerous, and alluring paradise – the Floating Island,” explains Feighan. “The lounge-influenced collection of songs guides the listener through a instrumental narrative inspired by themes of amnesia, discovery, exploration, and mysticism.”

At the time of publishing, the orange record (also called the “Mango Punch Pinwheel” record) was sold out. Only 250 were pressed. However, Monster Rally has done a follow-up run of the album (now in a new purple color… also known as the “Deep Lilac” edition) which was a run of 750.

Get your limited edition copy at Gold Robot Records.

Monster Rally – Menagerie

Monster Rally – Sister Owls

Monster Rally – Adventure