The New LoFi

Ten Years

A journey through experimental music, dancing, and dreamscapes with Brazilian DJ Acaptcha

In my never-ending search for music I’ve never heard before, I came across a mix from Brazilian producer and DJ, Ariana Miliorini (aka ACAPTCHA aka the Brazilian equivalent of reCAPTCHA).

The mix was an episode in Miliorini’s Acaptcha Robot Radio series. The series is described by Miliorini as a “journey through experimental, dancing, weird sonorities and dreamscapes among several decades and continents.” I agree with that. Check out the 9th episode of Acaptcha Robot Radio below. I’ve also included one of Acaptcha’s singles called “Algoritmos NĂ´mades” which features an electronic reinterpretation of Brazilian drum music.

Acaptcha – Algoritmos NĂ´mades [DOM008] Acaptcha Robot Radio EP.09 (04.06.19)