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Australian duo LAMALO take inspiration from a meme-inspired cryptocurrency for their latest single, “Shiba Inu”

Sydney-based duo Lamalo have just released a new single called “Shiba Inu” — and it’s a dancefloor stomper.

Lamalo was formed by two conservatorium graduates, Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun. For their latest single, they’ve taken a step away from their usual fare of jazzy cinematic dance music, and decided to move into the more free flowing atmospheric world of club-inspired house music.

The title, “Shiba Inu” is taken from the meme-inspired, decentralized cryptocurrency named after the Japanese hunting dog. And just like its furry namesake, “Shiba Inu” (the single) is agile, bold, and distinctive. Driven by percussion and a stomping baseline, this track is perfect for a day of afternoon drinks turned into a club night out. 

“’Shiba Inu’ came from us trying to write a groovy house-disco track while being slightly distracted by our extremely volatile crypto investments,” explains Michiya when talking about the new track. “During lockdown we were investing in crypto pretty heavily, so much so that our sessions would be interrupted if Dogecoin went on a bullish run. We wrote the bass riff to Shiba Inu and thought it captured the silliness of yoloing your savings into a completely unproven investment so we just ran with that.”