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Ten Years

HAAi releases two new singles that she’s recorded during her time in quarantine

I was lucky enough to be witness to the HAAi’s Phonox residency in Brixton a few years ago now, and I’ve been a fan of the Australian DJ/producer ever since. She has this terrific ability to blend the dirtiest of basslines with long twisting melodic mixes. She’s a master of contrast — hard-hitting beats paired with niche samples. And because HAAi is one of those unique hybrids of DJ and producer, she is particularly adept at creating original music that is going to slay on the dance floor.

With most of the live clubs shuttered as a result of the Coronavirus now, a lot of live DJ sets have been moved to the virtual space; we’ve seen producers like Four Tet, Disclosure, Purple Disco Machine and Fatboy Slim all streaming from isolation.

HAAi has been busy as well. Last week she released two new tracks that she had been working on during her time in isolation. “I wrote the bulk of this over the start of quarantine so it’s much more for home listening,” explains HAAi when talking about the EP. “Both tracks have a pretty special place in my heart. I can’t wait for a time where I can play them live for you all.”

The tracks are called ‘Rotating In Unison’ and ‘Head Above The Parakeets’ — which I’m guessing is a fun wordplay on the phrase ‘head above the parapet.’ Perhaps the title is referencing something more meta? Or maybe it means just what it says… I’m just imagining climbing up a tree filled with parakeets and suddenly you pop your head up over the top and all the birds look up at you.

Anyway, who knows. It’s not important. What is important is that you go ahead and feel the bass vibes of ‘Head Above The Parakeets’ below. Then look out for HAAi to play live in a town near you (as soon as we are all allowed to go out and play again).

HAAi – Head Above The Parakeets