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Fresh Friday Mix: Brav0

This week we’re featuring a DJ and producer from New York called Jon Little. He’s gone by the name “Jon E Bravo,” “Bravomatic” and now “Brav0.” Currently he is based in LA but early on in his career he cultivated a deep house dubby sound native to the Buffalo New York and Toronto club scenes. His musical influences include artists like Mark Oliver, Solomun, and Ten Walls.

To create this latest mix, EvolvingSounds E52, Little says “while I was fishing through some of the most underground and elite labels and artists I DUG up these gems.”

And indeed there are some real gems in there. His music is a sort of techno funk with a warm deep house feel to it.

Brav0 – EvolvingSounds E52


  1. Sarah Camille, Asomnia – What Should I Do (Clain Remix)
  2. Black Space, Yann Menge – Vinsobre
  3. Stefan Addo – Weltschmerz
  4. Alex Progress – Various
  5. Gidronique – Twilight
  6. Brett Kelso – Together
  7. Thinking Bout You
  8. Gidronique – The Witch
  9. NÜUR – The Dawn Inside my Heart
  10. Mario Grimaldi – Test
  11. Pakkio Sans – Skin
  12. RICHY-CASTRO – Prismatic
  13. Pendo – Da Fresh