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Ten Years

Midwestern rapper, Karras channels the grit of classic hip-hop through a lens of off-kilter surrealism

With his feet planted in two worlds, midwestern rapper Karras marries the mystical and manifest, to create a lens into his fever-dream-like world.

“Blades Of Grass” is an introductory track from his upcoming debut album, entitled Karrasmatic. While on the surface it might sounds like a classic braggadocio type weed track, the lyrics are really about perseverance to overcome a fear of failure.

“While visiting two of my best friends in Portland, Oregon, we smoked some very strong weed and went hiking on a mountain,” explains Karras when talking about the backstory of the single. “They insisted on taking a rather steep shortcut along the trail that gave me a dose of adrenaline and anxiety. With my heart still racing, I wrote the majority of these lyrics standing on the top of the mountain overlooking an expansive horizon.”


Look out for Karras’ debut album Karrasmatic (set to be released in 2021).

Karras – Blades Of Grass