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Ten Years

Jazz Underground: Daykoda

We’re really happy to announce the next resident artist to take over the Jazz Underground playlist. This month Italian instrumentalist and producer, Andrea Gamba takes the reins. Under his moniker, Daykoda, Andrea has always experimented and pushed the boundaries of what jazz can be with his use of hip-hop and electronic influences.

The aim of this column is to try and change the perception of jazz’s rotten public image — an often over-intellectualized, eat-your-vegetables idea of improvisational music. Each month, a new resident artist will take over the playlist and help shape what jazz means now. With Andrea’s 10 new tracks, he helps bring new color to this ever-evolving genre of rooted in that great American tradition of improvisational music. He really challenges the old notion of jazz by putting it in a more electronic context.

His new single, The Process” for example, was born from improvisations inside the studio but with the dance floor in mind. He sought create music that would be suitable for the club while still maintaining firm roots in the language of jazz.

What’s most interesting about his addition to the playlist however is the insight into his inspiration. His music might be easily identified as jazz, but references he pulls from like Flying Lotus, Taylor McFerrin, and Kendrick Lamar reveal the potential direction Andrea sees jazz taking into the future.

Have a listen to Andrea’s additions to the playlist below by listening in order, or shuffle it up and see how the complexion of the Jazz Underground changes from month to month.

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