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Ten Years

Noa Erni teams up with German Jazz Trio Triorität to reinterpret The Mental Traveler album

Here’s what you need to know: Noa Erni released their debut album last year called The Mental Traveler. It was unpretentious, straight forward jazz that had a mission to use music as a tool to let your mind travel. It was epic.

Enter the jazz trio Triorität. Last month, they picked Erni’s album up and put their spin on the concept. Erni originally composed the album as a one man band hidden away in his home studio in Berlin. Triorität, in contrast, developes their “dancefloor jazz” on stage and in the rehearsal room, finessing their very own melange of 70s fusion, disco as well as modern electronics and hip-hop. Together they joined up to create the Trioritat Session — three songs off of The Mental Traveler revisited by Triorität’s Alexander Hoffmann (drums), Gerrit Ebeling (keys) and Grégoire Pignède (bass) in their very own jazz fusion madness.

Noa Erni – Train Ride (Triorität Session)

Artwork by Benedikt Luft, Dominik Keller and Luca Christakopoulos aka mesobroke