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Ten Years

White sea vs atlantic ocean fairy tails — an ambient mix from Olga Maximova

Today we would like to feature a lovely and ambient mix by Russian producer Olga Maximova (aka OMMA).

Maximova study piano at university but has always been interested in creating sound in a less traditional way. For her Playtronica project she explored how to transform everyday objects into instruments that consist of, among other things, playing live with plants. Check out a video of Maximova making music from 16 pineapples in her video of Playtronica:

In 2017 Maximova was asked to participate in the OneBeat adventure. 25 musicians from 17 countries came together to collaborate and (re) compose the soundtrack of the famous film “Koyaanisqatsi” for play in different cities: New York, Denver, Fort Collins, Boise, Jackson.

Now she’s been enlisted by Rince France to create a mix during lockdown. She’s offered up an hour-long program of nostalgic ambient music mixed with traditional Hawaiian music and niche electronic samples. It’s very eclectic and it’s very good.

=OMMA= · Rince France 02.03.2020 Fairy Tails