The New LoFi

Ten Years

Two intergalactic new songs and two trippy new videos —The Avalanches are back

“Why do we send music to the stars?
Is it because we want our voices to live forever?
How else should we become pure spirits, singing forever in the dark?”
Our stars are not where we last admired them.
Our homes crumble and we don’t know which place to long for”

– Ann Druyan

The Avalanches have released two new singles and it has got us all really excited. If you know anything about The Avalanches, this track is a meandering audio wormhole of sounds. It’s amazing.

The two-track EP is called “Wherever You Go / Reflecting Light” and it features Jamie XX and vocals from Neneh Cherry and Clypso.

I just get such a warm feeling when I hear music from The Avalanches. You really feel like you are entering a new world. The first time I heard one of their tracks was when I was back in college. I was working as a DJ at the local radio station in upstate New York and we got all of this new music all the time. This track called “Frontier Psychiatrist” came across my desk that was just like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It had ship horns, horses, a crazy scientist.…it felt like you were listening in on the audio to a film rather than just hearing a piece of music.

Have a listen to the two new singles below and be sure to keep an eye on The Avalanches website for more releases this year.

The Avalanches – Wherever You Go (feat. CLYPSO, Jamie xx & Neneh Cherry)

The Avalanches – Reflecting Light (feat. Sananda Maitreya & Vashti Bunyan)

Voices – Neneh Cherry, Clypso.
Co Production – Jamie xx
Piano – Mick Jones
Sample – The Voyager Golden Record (1977)