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DUST is the new album by British trio, The Melomaniacs. The album was conceived on the epic journey across America in 2017 as a single performance piece that seamlessly integrates nine songs into an uninterrupted immersive experience. It combines haunting live music from the Melomaniacs with a film created by the Scottish filmmaker Lee Archer and images taken by the New York based photographer Jean Luc Fievet.

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There is a sort of Americana noir feel to the sound of the album. A dreamlike melancholy overture with punctuations of hope and humor. “Eve” and “Dust” are cinematic and serious — melodies call out to faraway desert landscapes anchored by country-tinged vocals. (Imagine The National mixed with Pink Floyd) While other songs like “Lah Di Dah” and “Sleep” cross the wild wild west with the sound of a steampunk circus. No matter how you describe the record, there’s no denying that it transports you to another world though its music.

I picked out the title track for you to listen to below, but this is the type of record you should listen to all the way through rather than single tracks. Grab the vinyl on the Melomaniacs website.

The Melomaniacs – Dust

Video for the title track of the new album
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