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Ten Years

Noé Solange and Ross K team up to create a mesmerizing track of shimmering beauty

Noé Solange is a London based producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer that delves into the realm of downtempo and ambient electronica. Following her single ‘Nocturnal Lady,’ the Dutch-Indonesian artist has now unveiled some of her more nuanced work introspective work.

Her latest release, ‘Time’ is a collaborative piece with Canadian artist and producer Ross K. The single takes the listener on a gentle introspective journey between longing and tranquillity. It’s a slowly unfolding track that melts into your soul as it carries you away.

The collaboration between Ross K and Solange began when they met at a gig they were playing at in London. After the gig, they continued to work together between Lisbon and London.

“We were both very inspired by our surroundings and nature and wanted to create a piece that was raw, intimate and connected to the elements” explains Solange when talking about their process.

Talking about the new single, Solange says: “This piece came about so naturally, with both our sounds so organically blending in together. The song takes you on an introspective journey between finding solace in stillness whilst yearning for change. It’s about feeling lost in a fast-paced world and taking comfort in slowing down, yet desperate to find direction and move forward.”

As the track begins, you are wrapped up in melancholic keys, subtle bell sounds and soft synth patterns. The listener is ushered into a gentle trance. Ross effortlessly brings a sense of warmth with a delicate undertone of melody. This weaves in with Noé’s textured synths and gentle strings to propel the track forward with a glimmer of optimism.

Ross K x Noé Solange – Time