The New LoFi

Ten Years

The new single from German producer, Misc.Inc, merges lo-fi electronic into an organic soundscape

Ethereal… Chilled out… Free flowing — Misc.Inc’s sound creates a space for sonic escapism. His music aims to merge a range of styles together and foster an effortless electronic sound that has an organic character. As an avid reader, meditator, and someone who continuously strives to seek new ways to improve his sound, Misc.Inc has demonstrated his passion by producing unique, versatile music that leaves lasting impressions. “I started Misc.Inc to have a place for music outside the usual genres,” explains Marc, the man behind Misc.Inc. [It was] to combine and create sounds that inspire me. To have a place I can call home and give insights into my understanding of the world through music.

Based in Dresden, Germany and heavily influenced by iconic producers such as Tycho, Sorrow, and J Dilla, Misc.Inc has always been ardent about music and aspired to be a creator himself. Starting in 2012, he began that journey and added a new angled rhythmic flair to his music that expresses soulful chords that surface strong emotions for his listeners.

For his new track, “Seeing.Venus,” Misc.Inc adds a new layer to the music. [I wanted to] break free from genre boundaries, of establishing the notion of Misc.Inc being more than just lo-fi beats,” says Marc. “I want to create a voice for myself and be more than just another guy we listen to when he gets on our playlist, but rather a whole artistic story we can follow and be a part of it. Creating stories and feelings for the person between the shells of their headphones. That is my goal.”

Enter the first chapter of the new Misc.Inc conceptual music journey. His music is evolving into something bigger. A sound that breaks away from anyone genre. The chilled guitars, the different beat approach, and the atmospheric spaced-out vibe that the songs give you is the notion of Misc.Inc being more than just a lo-fi beat maker. It’s about the stories and feelings that he creates.

Misc.Inc – Seeing.Venus