The New LoFi

Ten Years

Lo-fi bedroom pop gems from Brooklyn-based singer / songwriter Richard Orofino

Brooklyn-based singer / songwriter, Richard Orofino started producing music 7 years ago in the attic of his parent’s home in Northport, NY. He began writing on piano then later moved to drums and guitar. All the while he was honing his skills through the lens of bedroom pop.

Inseparable love, painful romance and beauty within darkness are frequent themes in Richard Orofino’s music. His lofi bedroom pop sound draws inspiration from bands like Pavement, Elliott Smith, and New Order but he pulls from other sources besides music as well — Orofino has sited David Lynch films as a particular muse.

At 18, Orofino wrote “i heard u were looking like the moon” while working a receptionist job at a local music shop on Long Island. “When I wasn’t answering phones or filling out paperwork, I was picking up these little learner guitars and writing music,” explains Orofino when talking about the inspiration for the song. “One of the days working I ended up writing that song. When I got home, I ran to my laptop to track it so I wouldn’t forget it. It was pretty sloppy and rough sounding, but there was this special feeling to it that I couldn’t match in any other recording attempt so I released the demo version. That style ended up being the way the rest of that whole album wound up sounding/feeling.

Last week, Orofino released a new single called “Alone With U” that builds on that lo-fi rock sound. Look out for Orofino’s upcoming EP entitled “Spell” which will include two new singles: “Rather Die” and “Fall Apart.”

Richard Orofino – Alone With U

Richard Orofino – i heard you were looking like the moon Richard Orofino – Rather Die Richard Orofino – Fall Apart

Cover photo by Darrick Scott