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Ten Years

British producer Jim Jams releases a ‘melancholy banger’ with his new single “Uno I Can’t”

“For me, ‘Uno I Can’t’ was musical therapy in action,” explains the British producer behind Jim Jams. His new single was written after he realized that he had to end an unhealthy relationship. “It’s a melancholy banger,” says Jim Jams, referencing the dreamy, neo-soul tech-house beat that features on the track. “Uno I Can’t” combines a bouncy electronic bassline with sobering emotional and psychological undercurrents. The sound pays homage to the alternative dance scene that has been developing in Leeds and York where Jim Jams is based.

“Uno I Can’t” is the first track that will become a run of bimonthly singles which will eventually lead to a new E.P.

Jim Jams – Uno I Can’t