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Ten Years

Paul Cafcae’s new Christmas single takes an alternative view on the holiday season

Russian-Canadian rock ’n’ roll artist Paul Cafcae continues to charm music lovers with his new holiday single, “Everyday is Christmas.” Inspired by the famous “wall of sound” style and created by the Toronto-based producer Christian Anderson, this single is a real contender for the top of a holiday playlist. The song is led by Paul Cafcae’s guitar throwbacks to rockabilly classics such as “Jingle Bell Rock,” and it features a rich drum groove by Riley O’Connor. The track is rounded out with a driving, hip-swaying bass line from Ethan Tilbury, and flared with the exceptional saxophone performance by the Canadian Maple Blues Awards nominee Alison Young.

But what makes this song stand out from all the other Christmas songs, is the storyline. Contrary to the plots of the traditional Christmas tunes, “Every Day is Christmas” aims to support those who don’t conform to the traditional “family” spirit of Christmas, and instead encourages the listeners to celebrate introspection and personal happiness of a single person. 

“We are always being told that we have to spend these types of holidays with a special someone,’ says Paul. “And it feels like it’s not inclusive of people who are happily single. Seeing all the ‘happy family’ ads and posters especially during holidays can feel like societal pressure to be happy in a specific way. I don’t think so. It’s a shame that we don’t have more songs that tell us that it’s OK to be in a relationship with yourself.”

For the past couple of decades, the radio stations and department stores continued to play the same established set of Christmas songs. Cafcae’s new single “Every Day is Christmas” definitely offers a breath of fresh air and hopefully will draw broader audiences to the new, more inclusive holiday playlists.

Paul Cafcae – Every Day Is Christmas