The New LoFi

Ten Years

Glide into the weekend with some new lo-fi electronica from Scasca

We continue with the beautifully ambient house theme this week with this new single from Scasca. The now Belgrade-based producer returns with his signature flavor of carefully sequenced lo-fi beats.

The single is called “Glued” and it features an ethereal vocal topline from Talipes Valgus. The track explores the painful side of first love according to Scasca. But an undertone of maximalism and obsession influenced the production as well.

The idea for the track began when Valgus sent Scasca a demo of the song back in 2020. “It was raw but hauntingly beautiful, explains Scasca. “I hesitated for a long time to work on the track because I didn’t fully understand my role in it. I had a persistent feeling that I would only ruin everything.

A year later, while Scasca was working on his composition for “Migrations,” he found the confidence he needed to dig into the Glued track. “Talipes Valgus sent me his freshly recorded beautiful vocals,” continues Scasca. “The work on the track took about a month, which is typical for my music. Most of that time was spent on the drum loop, also typical for me. We had planned to release this track in the spring of 2022, but then February came, and the release had to be postponed indefinitely. So this track has quite a long history.

But then again, sometimes good things come with time, don’t they.

Scasca – Glue (feat. Talipes Valgus)