The New LoFi

Ten Years

Lo-fi house beats inspired by the charmed forests of western Russian

Scasca is the Russian word for “fairy tale.” The Saint-Petersburg-based artist by the same name captures that spirit with lo-fi beats combined with the atmosphere of the charmed forests near the Gulf of Finland.

Drawing inspiration from such artists as Bonobo, Four Tet, Burial and Catching Flies, Scasca creates uk-influenced downtempo house. For his latest single, “Migrations,” Scasca creates music that is composed of delicate chopped vocal samples, carefully sequenced drums and textured organic soundscapes.

“If [my first single] “Long Distance Call” was a kind of lo-fi deconstruction of future garage music,” explains Scasca, “then ‘Migrations’ is a step towards breakbeat-influenced downtempo, which evokes associations with Bonobo or Catching Flies. As with the debut, I paid a lot of attention to textures and noises here, whether it’s glowing chimes, the rustling of leaves, or voice messages that sound through the sea waves. The main element of this track is the blurry wordless vocals. It reminds me of the feeling from my childhood, when the short northern summer ends, I watch the migratory birds fly south and stay for the winter.”

Scasca – Migrations