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Ten Years

Alice Kunisue directs the bonkers new video for the latest Jacques single, “Vous”

We first learned about the elusive French producer Jacques two years ago when he teamed up with Sebastien Devaud (aka Agoria) to create a two-track EP called “Visit.” The two french producers went on to collaborate on a movie soundtrack for Olivier Van Hoofstadt’s movie, Lucky. Each track is like a short film soundtrack in itself, but the entire piece hangs together quite nicely.

Jacques’ new single, “Vous” carries on that tradition of creating a world within each song. Rather than being arranged around a traditional set of instruments, Jacques seems to select (or create) sounds that suit the story of the track. The result if very cinematic. It always feels as if we are hearing the music from a certain narrative rather than just a song.

For the video, director Alice Kunisue takes on the challenge of imagining what the track looks like. The video is set inside an airport where we follow a few characters at random before settling in on a man in the waiting area (Jacques?). This start to get weirder and weirder from there (but weird in a good way). The video is just as unexpected and beautifully executed as the music is. 

Jacques Vous

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