The New LoFi

Ten Years

Tim Rose and Darien Newton join forces on a road trip in search of beats

Tim Rose and producer Darien Newton (aka D Did That) have been on a lo-fi hip hop road trip. They make beats in the van’s recording studio “Vanna White” as they go. The final destination is unknown — pit stops along the way include Paisley Park, Dilla’s Basement, the Hard Hitting Drum Factory, and John Mayer’s ranch in Wyoming. It’s a field trip to find good beats, wherever that may lead.

Flow State” is the duo’s fifth collaboration as part of this road trip series. “This track is about finding your groove in life, and in music,” explains Newton. “Tim and I feel like we reach a point where we don’t have to think, we just flow.”

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, songwriter Tim Rose has cultivated a sound that is described as soulful, funky, and smooth. Before the Pandemic Rose was performing full time — touring regularly and playing shows all over the world. His latest music video “Visual Album” was released in 2020 and he’s played a wide range of venues from the Blue Note in Hawaii to Hotel Cafe in LA, Triple Door in Seattle and the Boom Boom Room in San Fransisco.

Darien Newton is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer living in Los Angeles. Over his three-year career, he has made waves in LA’s local R&B scene, producing singles for some of LA’s most promising singer-songwriters.

Together (along with their mobile recording studio Vanna White) the duo have taken on a whole new sound that combines their talents into something reflective and unique. Where will the road take them next?