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Ten Years

A beautifully written and designed cassette marks the follow up to Twain’s album “Rare Feeling”

Twain is the creation of singer / songwriter, Mt. Davidson — a man who has been quietly producing incredibly meaningful music for the past decade and somehow continues to fly under the radar.

His music is folky and uncomplicated. It’s paradoxically filled with hesitance and confidence. There is a certain degree of familiarity to his sound but it feels of today.

The album was released as a yellow cassette tape and contains two separate EPs of Twain songs. On one side is the New Miami Sound EP — unreleased material from Davidson’s recording sessions for his debut album Rare Feeling. On the other side is the Alternator EP — a collection of demos that Davidson performed and recorded inside a van. It’s an intimate recording that has Davidson selecting and reinterpreting his songs in a small space.

You could almost think of the 2 E.P.s album as the “C-side” to the Rare Feeling album. Davidson has allowed this collection of songs to marinate for quite some time and the 2 E.P.s sees them out into the world now.

The attention to detail in this and all of his work is also something to note. The goal with most of Davidson’s work is to present a purely AAA analog disc and he goes through great lengths to perform and record his music accordingly. He values the special magnetic warmth that results from this kind of recording — something that a lot of artists overlook these days.

The attention to detail doesn’t end at the recording process either. You can see his craft influence everything from the way the album is presented to the location that it gets recorded. Whether it’s selecting a beautiful minimal yellow cassette tape, or enlisting fellow percussionist, Peter Pezzimenti to hand paint the cover art, all of the little touches add up to something bigger than just an album.

Listen to a couple singles from the 2 E.P.s below. I’ve also included the lead single off of the Rare Feeling album called “Solar Pilgrim” which is just stunning as well. And if you really like what you hear, you should support Twain and buy the album from Keeled Scales.

Twain – Death (or S.F.?)

Twain – Young God (gotta lotta feeling)

Twain – Solar Pilgrim

Photo by Harrison Anderson
Photo of Mt. Davidson by Harrison Anderson