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Ten Years

JVLY drops new sultry slowjam, ‘aporia’

Australian singer/songwriter JVLY has found his stride with his newest track ‘aporia’. In anticipation of his second EP, ‘aporia’ places JVLY’s dewy vocals at the forefront, showcasing his effortless knack for vibe-setting. The downtempo, sensuous jazz production is expertly paired with adept sampling, revealing an artist laser-focused on texture.

“I usually spend most time shaping all the instruments and layers, the writing tends to come further down the track for me,” says JVLY “I didn’t write anything down for this one though, I was just playing around on the piano and singing random melodies and it sort of all worked out that way, the vocals you hear are from that first day.”

The result is pure magic, a neon-hued bedroom laden with silk sheets and hanging tropicals. Hot and humid, ‘aporia’ is the perfect tease ahead of JVLY’s upcoming June EP release.