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Ten Years

A band dressed like trees. What’s not to like about Snapped Ankles?

The London four-piece post-punk band that calls themselves “Snapped Ankles.” They dress up like trees on stage and they produce records under the “Leaf” label. Most recently, their adopted warehouse habitat has been put under threat by the property developers and brokers who heat the housing market with the promise of Stunning Luxury. Their latest album is a protest. The resistance starts here.

Okay, okay. That’s a bit dramatic. But I suppose that’s a fitting introduction to a quirky indie band like Snapped Ankles. Actually, calling them indie isn’t really a good description. I want to compare them to Primus, or Alt J, or Devo, but it wouldn’t do them justice. They mix punk vocals with lofi guitars and catchy electronic beats in a way that is all their own.

I’ve included a couple of their singles below, but you should really go out and buy their latest album, Stunning Luxury. It’s one of those albums that is best listened to all the way through. That isn’t to say it’s all the same. Every song fits together but offers up something completely different. From the jump around pan flutes on “Delivery Van” to the driving video game bass on “Tailpipe” to the head bobbing sing-along chorus on “Pestisound (Moving Out)” — Stunning Luxury has a sound you wouldn’t have heard before.

Snapped Ankles – Come Play The Trees (Crooked Ankles)

Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide