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Ten Years

Tom Falle announces his second Rhumba Club album with a brand new single called “Video Game”

When Tom Falle isn’t composing music for fashion giants like Hermes and Fendi, he’s creating funky music videos about Normativity and our mobile phones. Falle is the mastermind behind Rhumba Club — a musical project with a mission to interrogate conventional ideas of society. It provides a space and soundtrack where queerness and beautiful weirdness is embraced.

In 2021, Rhumba Club released his debut album, Welcome To The Rhumba Club. Now he’s partnered up with Grammy-nominee, Mikko Gordon to produce his second album (due to be released later this year). The lead single off the album is called “Video Game” and is unapologetically synth-pop with a nostalgic edge. For the video, Falle traveled to Athens, Greece to film outside a (now defunct) Pinball Museum. Once again, Tom’s moustache and snappy haircut play their own character in the video, but it also features the musician wearing a suit that David Byrne would be proud of — a boxy, short collared three-button with a lot of room to move. Most striking (or revolutionary) of all is that the video is filmed in a social-first, 9×16 aspect. Which feels very modern, if not a finger in the face of traditional music videos.

When Falle was part way through recording his second album, his producer and collaborator, Mikko pleaded with him to “forget the politics for a bit” and just “write some songs about love, sex and dancing.” Falle did just that. “I ended up touching upon slightly dark ideas concerning virtual reality-based relationships,” explains Falle. “But ultimately it’s just a song about good old-fashioned sexual desire.”

Of course it is.

Rhumba Club – Video Game