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Armenian producer, DAAO, blends traditional jazz and electronic on new album

I just came across this Armenian musician and producer called Daao who creates a captivating blend of European Jazz and old-school electronic music for his latest album, HOME. With tracks called things like “Grandma’s Kitchen,” “Travellers Ballad” and “Deja Entendu” you get an idea of where the album is going to take you before you even press play.

One might start by describing it as a “jazz album,” because it does find a foundation in that space instrumentally, but it quickly proves to be a boundary-pushing, genre-bending journey. It combines the sophistication and improvisational spirit of European jazz with an infectious energy of classic electronic beats. Intricate melodies, harmonies, and rhythms are all blended together on the album in a way that dips in and out of what you would call more traditional jazz while always weaving in a layer of electronic production.  The only artist that even comes close to describing the type of music that Daao is creating here might be Amon Tobin.

The main inspiration of this album,” explains Daao, “is the idea that to have a ‘home’ you should work to create it: to experience it and pass it to the upcoming generations with care. In order to do this you need to communicate with people and find that common ground on which all of the particles – or in this case people – can work with each other and can collaborate effectively.”

With its enchanting melodies, innovative arrangements, and thought-provoking themes, HOME promises to captivate music enthusiasts from all walks of life. Daao invites listeners to immerse themselves in this transformative sonic experience, and to reflect upon the importance of unity, education, and mutual support in the face of ideological differences.