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LP Giobbi is finding light in the strangest places

Was doing one of my YouTube trawls the other week and stumbled on this excellent set out in Mexico by LP Giobbi. I shouldn’t admit this, but I didn’t know who LP Giobbi was. Which makes it sound like I was living under a rock considering that since 2018, she has been quickly rising to superstar DJ status. From playing high-profile festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Tomorrowland and Creamfields, to supporting artists like Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim and Diplo, LP Giobbi is a name that I should have been familiar with.

So what did I learn about LP Giobbi? I know that her name is Leah Chisholm and she is originally from Oregon but is now based out in Austin, Texas now from what her Bandcamp says online. The “Giobbi” bit comes from her mother’s maiden name and was a way of Leah to reclaim the matriarch when creating her artist name. She’s an electronic producer, but also a keyboardist, DJ and one-woman jam band.

What drew me to her live set at EDC Mexico as the style of dance floor party tunes mixed with some old-school disco, funk and soul. I challenge you not to get out of your seat and dance while watching this set:

But Giobbi has a sound that is much more rich than just electronic music. Her skills branch out to rock, jazz and indie in a way that most producers don’t. This is on full display with her debut album entitled “Light Places.” Dedicated to her parents, the album see a bit of her classical training come through as well as celebrate her free spirited approach to life and how it moulded her as a person.

I’m assuming that the LP in LP Giobbi stands for “Light Places” but upon further research, the title is also borrowed from Grateful Dead lyrics: “Once in a while You get shown the LIGHT In the strangest of PLACES If you look at it right.”

These are some of my dad’s favourite Dead lyrics and almost a philosophy for the way he lives and taught my brother and me to live,” explains Leah when talking about the new album. “I am a seeker of light places both in the physical and the divine. I believe in letting yourself get lost and finding out it’s exactly where you were supposed to be. I hope this album helps you tap into your joy and light.”

Well I can’t think of a better philosophy to follow in life.

Stream the full LP Giobbi set above, and then check out Light Places on vinyl (available now on Ninja Tune and Counter Records).