The New LoFi

Ten Years

Freyja Garbett creates live improvisational music like you’ve never heard it before

Sometimes you get passed a piece of music that really challenges how you think of music. Especially music that sets out to combine genres that have seemingly no relation. We’ve heard genre fusion before, but then when you have a producer drawing from jazz and electronic, but also live instrumentation and heavy rock, you start to hear some really interesting things.

This is the first impression I got when I hear Freyja Garbett’s single, “Nazare.” The track feels like a story told through sound. Garbett’s music weaves the listener through a series of soundscapes, grooves and melodies using her eclectic choice of musical genres from traditional jazz, neo-soul, Afro-Caribbean, funk and reggae to other forms of electronic.

The result is a captivating blend of live drums, earth-shaking bass, and curious melodies that would be interesting to electronic music enthusiasts as well as jazz and fusion fans.

Freyja Garbett – Nazare