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Nova Batida Festival Preview

What’s not to like? You’ll be in one of the sunniest, most up-and-coming cities in Europe, within 30 minutes of top-drawer beaches. And, oh, did we mention that there’s a smashing line-up of juicy music, sandwiched between the fluffy baps of local food, culture & activities?

Welcome to Nova Batida – the exclamation mark at the end of the European festival season.

Did someone say Mr.Scruff? Being English, and in my 30’s, I feel as if he should need no introduction – but I’ve got used to blank looks from my new Lisbon crew when I take this sort of line, so…

Just watch that video there, and see what a treat we’re in for! Oh boy, oh boy! Thank you NB crew 🙂

His music is not just humorous, it’s witty, occasionally cutting, even. You may hear a few puns, yes.

Now, by contrast, it’s perhaps perfectly possible you haven’t heard of Ibibio Sound Machine. I have to thank Lopa Kothari and the fabulous Music Planet (née-World on 3) on BBC Radio 3, for introducing me to this fascinating, funky crew. Just check them out – I have a feeling they’re going to be even more fun in person!

We here at TNLF have had some good things to say about Jon Hopkins in the past (maybe an understatement), so needless to say we recommend being front & centre for his unique skills of live creation.

Need I go on? Oh yes, you may need to justify investing in a plane ticket. Ok!

Nothing has yet ticked your hip-hop box? Or your social-activist-musician box?

Talib Kweli. Done. Next!Well, just backing up a bit…you can check out some of his profoundly-held views in this article, & a fascinating dive into the murky depths of contemporary American identity politics here. Or you can just listen to the tunes!

So, I think that’s a nice old-skool classic to close out this pre-festival review – I’ve got to have some novelty still to offer in September! In the meantime, you can check out the playlist below and check out those flights or – actually now I hear Greta in the background – please get the train instead!

See full lineup here
and then get your tickets from Festicket

A little treat for all you thorough readers & listeners, at the end of the playlist, a double snippet from the treasure trove that is Awesome Tapes From Africa.