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Ten Years

Anti Lilly & Phoniks, for Better or Worse? 

Whenever I think about ChillHop or JazzRap, this duo come straight to mind. Anti Lilly & Phoniks have teamed up for a few incredible albums now and they’ve teased us with a new single.. So I’m hoping there is a new album on the way as I have spun their ‘Its Nice Outside vinyl for many years!

Maine based producer Phoniks who eases into the song with his signature subtle jazzy flow and beat, providing the canvas for the thoughtful lyracist Anti Lilly to paint the picture. Dropping straight into heavy lyrics that strangely fall in line with how I’m feeling and crossroads we face in life, kicking the song off with: 

“Life in the pursuit of it, until you find happiness you sit amongst confusion and I grew tired of maneuvering” 

This line got me right away as it holds true with us chasing happiness and sometimes getting lost along the way, leaving us with the question… are we Better or Worse? 

Occasionally in life we need some time away, I recently removed myself from the day to day life to refresh and can fully relate to what Anti Lilly says here “I ain’t even wrote no bars in the last couple months, grown resentment to the very thing I love.”

The timing of hearing this song has definitely helped bring clarity to crossroads I’m at in life and this song will stay close to my heart. There are many lyrics I could share here that you can probably connect with but I think it’s best if you close your eyes and play the track on repeat; zone in and zone out from the day’s stresses.