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Ten Years

Radio Banana announce their second album, “Uptempo Barbeque”

I’m so into this Swedish band called Radio Banana right now. They’ve got a groovy little sound and they have a way with words. The band got together one sunny Tuesday afternoon in Stockholm. “We found an old Swedish ad from the 1930’s,” explains the band when talking about how they came up with the name for the group. In old fashioned language, the ad proposed that anyone throwing a radio listening party, should serve bananas for food. This is because of the banana’s supreme features: 1. bananas are silent when you open them and 2. bananas are silent when you eat them. So they are the perfect food to eat during your “radio party.”

The Swedish trio, Henrik, Fredrik, and Arne latched onto the name, and Radio Banana was born. Over the next few months, the three started playing around with some loose rhythms and snappy bass lines until they had enough material to release their first EP: Side Snack. The album mixes their shared love for earthy rhythms at the intersection of lo-fi jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronica.

Their latest single, “Steakholders,” was released last week and announces their upcoming second EP, “Uptempo Barbeque.” I would expect a string of unearthly funky pearls to follow in 2024.

Radio Banana – Steakholders