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Ten Years

Cherry Glazerr: Daddi

The Los Angeles based rock trio fronted by firecracker Clementine Creevy is back with the first single off their upcoming forth LP Stuffed & Ready. With an already impressive catalogue including 2017’s Apocalipstick, Cherry Glazerr is off to a blistering start with their gritty lead single ‘Daddi’.

Although sonically rooted in garage rock, ‘Daddi’ employs a number of subtle production tricks oft found in the realm of hip-hop. Drum kit ‘trap hats’ click along at an inhuman pace, soft pads and pulsing synths underline the backbeat adding a layer of sparkling grotesque, and a mid-song bridge sees Creevy’s softly cooed “To Keep Me Away” chopped and dropped a few octaves. It’s a clever and contemporary evolution of a genre largely regarded as having minimal post-production; but music is rarely so easily pigeonholed. Translating these sounds live can prove another challenge, especially considering the band currently consists of three members and no synthesizers. Lyrically ‘Daddi’ furthers these contradictions, seemingly embracing the pornified ageplay growing ever-popular amidst Instagram trash queens yet simultaneously skewering its representative patriarchal overtone. It’s a complex entanglement that, when coupled with the chorus’ three-chord climb, feels more like protest than submission.