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Ten Years

Scorpio Man Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators are about to funk up your weekend

Seriously…. you can’t go wrong with a man who dresses up in a leather jacket with tassels and plays a flute on top of a massive Civil War era cannon. It’s just not possible.

I don’t know much about the Scorpio Man, Ernie Hawks, and I know absolutely nothing about his Soul Investigators, but I can tell you one thing: they know how to funk!

On first listen to their album, Scorpio Man, you would imagine that you’ve just come across a long lost recording from the 70s. The reverb laden drums, the sexy guitar riffs, the wavy bass-lines. And that flute!

But then you learn that this record was released only just last year. You realize that Ernie Hawks is bringing us the funk for today! And it’s good.

The record is filled with the kind of soulful jazz that is perfect for leaning back on your own for a bit of chill time. Or it could be used as an invitation for a friend to join you in the bedroom. Either way, the album is a must have in your record collection. Even if it was just for the track titles alone: “Cold Turkey Time,” “Bag Full of Miracles,” “Scorpio Man Theme.” You can’t help but think that this is the soundtrack for some movie in the distant past.

Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Scorpio Man Theme

Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Scorpio Walk Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Journey to the Bottom