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Fresh Friday Mix: Coronavirus Lockdown Edition

Around the globe, many people have been locked in their homes for weeks as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. What I’ve learned from this time being kept inside is that a lockdown can’t keep creativity down. DJs from all over the world have been putting together brand new mixes and live sets from wherever they are self-isolating to keep us entertained.

For this edition of Fresh Friday Mix, I thought I would pull together a selection of my favorite lockdown mixes. There are mixes from Four Tet, Disclosure, Fatboy Slim, Amelie Lens, and Purple Disco Machine.

Kieran Hebden (aka Fout Tet) begins his live stream walking in the woods somewhere in isolation. What I love about this set (besides the amazing arrangement of music) is Hebden’s set up. I recognize the turntables and the mixer — those are pretty standard. But then there is a raft of other equipment and cables that make it look like Kieran is the mad scientist of music. It’s amazing!

Four Tet streaming from isolation

I love the set that Guy Lawrence (one half of Disclosure) put together in isolation in a lovely plant-filled loft. Again, the selection of music is top notch, but I particularly love how much fun Lawrence is having mixing the music. There is something really nice about seeing someone enjoy their craft like this.

The other nice thing about watching this live stream was the comments — largely positive praise. Someone added the playlist, which was I also helpful, but then someone hastened to add the list of plants on display behind Lawrence. I love that playful sort of stuff.

Disclosure lockdown Boiler Room

Disclosure Tracklist:

  1. 0:00 MC Guru (Gang Starr) interview
  2. 0:35 Denden – Sugai Ken
  3. 4:00 Khotin – Water Soaked in Forever
  4. 6:50 Lis Sarroca – Meantime Town
  5. 11:40 S3A – Beginning
  6. 14:00 Tom Jay – Realise
  7. 18:00 ID (Andre 3000 vocal sample played on second deck)
  8. 24:00 Naux – Unfuckwithable (GDV ZOO EP)
  9. 28:25 Disclosure – Ecstasy
  10. 33:20 Disclosure & Fatoumata Diawara – Douha ‘Mali Mali’ (unreleased)
  11. 37:50 Virginia – Funkert
  12. 42:10 Mateo & Matos – Maw Basics (’94 Mix)
  13. 46:50 Soul II Soul – Back to Life (UNKNOWN REMIX)
  14. 49:20 Lillo Thomas – Let Me Be Yours
  15. 54:00 Ssin – Take Me to that Place (unsigned)
  16. 57:00 James Blake – Modern Soul (Disclosure Remix, unreleased)
  17. 1:05:25 Ordinary People – Baby You Make My Heart Sing
  18. 1:09:00 Meccano Vol 1 – Pick Me Up
  19. 1:12:40 Kettama x Lone – The Way You Feel (unreleased)
  20. 1:16:20 Annunaku – Forgotten Tales
  21. 1:19:05 Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt – Tondo
  22. 1:24:00 Music From The Trees – Back To Basiks

Forget the playlist, here’s the plant list:

  1. Monstera deliciosa
  2. English ivy
  3. Monstera deliciosa
  4. ID ?
  5. English ivy
  6. Chlorophytum
  7. Spider plant
  8. Bird’s-nest fern

Purple Disco Machine live from Dresden

I also wanted to include the fantastic disco set from Purple Disco Machine streamed live from Germany. If you want to stage a dance party in isolation, put this on.

If you need something a little more hardcore, check out the minimalist techno set that Amelie Lens sends out from her home in Belgium.

And if you are looking for something more upbeat with some big classics mixed in, check out Fatboy Slim’s weekly Lockdown Mixtape. His daughter, Nelly Cook (aka Fat Girl Slim) even has a pretty amazing set from streamed from lockdown. Check that out below too.

Amelie Lens lockdown sessions at home
Fatboy Slim – Lockdown Mixtape (Week 1)