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Ten Years

Upbeat house delivered at 140 beats per minute on Discrete’s new single

Swedish producer and songwriter, Discrete has teamed up with Welt for his new single, “Let Me Down.” Descrete lays down a happy-hectic beat, while Welt layers a smooth vocal sauce over the top.

To understand Discrete’s unique approach to music production, it’s important to know where he draws his influences from and his background in producing for a wide range of artists across genres. “I would work on pretty much every kind of project in order to get the experience I needed as an artist,” he explains. “But I had no idea how K-pop and reggaeton would later impact my own sound until I started writing for myself.”

“Let Me Down” is out now on IN / ROTATION records (an imprint of Insomniac).

Discrete x Welt – Let Me Down