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Ten Years

New Black Taffy album pairs ambient music with hip hop style bass and percussion

Donovan Jones is the Dallas-based composer and performer behind Black Taffy. As the son of Pentecostal music ministers in Texas, Jones grew up witnessing the way that music can induce a trance-like state within people and encourage spiritual awakenings.

For his latest EP, Elder Mantis, Jones pairs ambient and melodic elements like harps and vibraphones with hip hop style bass and percussion. That tight hip hop snare hit coupled with a delicately walking set of chimes. The way Asian inspired strings is laid over an 808. The music creates a sort of trance that delivers you to other worlds through audio. His music reminds me of another fantastic Southern hip hop production, Jams F. Kennedy.

Check out two singles from the EP below and if you like what you hear grab your copy on Black Taffy’s Bandcamp site.

Black Taffy – Lantern Flies In Mist

Black Taffy – Geraldine

Black Taffy – XLR8R Podcast 584

Album artwork by Jesselisa Moretti