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The new album from Afro-Caribbean space disco band: Mauskovic

This band is totally my new favorite example of genre smashing. Described as “afro-caribbean space disco,” the Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based producer and music maker, Nicola Mauskovic. The five-piece band combines elements of Cumbia, Afro-Caribean rhythms, and Psychedelia in equal measure to create a unique hypnotic groove.

Last week the band released their debut self-titled album and it’s definitely categorized under ‘essential summer listening’ for me. Check out the lead single, “Space Drum Machine” below, and then grab the vinyl off of the Mauskovic Dance Band Bandcamp page.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Space Drum Machine

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Continue The Fun
This track is off of their Down in the Basement EP (which is also worth a full listen.